How do I route bubble app to subdomain on my OWN cloudflare account?

Here are some of the moving parts:

  • WP frontend with blog “
  • Cloudflare account setup with “
  • The app on bubble has the domain “” setup with the built-in domain settings panel in bubble

Currently, I have people going to and then transferring them to to handle the backend. Note the Cloudflare account setup for

My preferred setup is get people to as the front end and use a subdomain (i.e. to point to the backend.

How do I do this?

It’s possible. You are going to need to study the Cloudflare documentation around “workers”. Lame answer … but it’s the best I’ve got :slight_smile: It’s how I’ve done it previously – maybe there is a better way - but I also wanted to control all the response headers so “workers” is what I used - based on this project

What I’ve found and never managed to overcome is getting a Bubble app behind a path … so I’ve managed → off to wordpress (ie use the path to discriminate a particular service) → off to a Bubble app

but I’ve had too many problems trying to rewrite → off to a Bubble app - just too many hardcoded path problems in the Bubble app and I gave up trying to overcome them all.

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