How do I save geographic location?

Hi everyone, maybe this is simple but I’m not finding the solution.
I’m trying to pick a geographic location in the map and save this into a field

I also didn’t understand what the current marker returns, ‘content of map’?

…'s current marker (map)
This state returns the value of the marker the user clicked in a map. The type of this state is the type of content of map


As ever, it depends on what you are trying to do.

On map where you have displayed a list of markers, then if you click on a marker you can use “Current marker’s address” to store location.

Note that addresses also save lat/long, you don’t need to do it separately.

However, what I suspect you want to do is click on the map and say “store that location I just clicked on”.

With the base map functions, you can’t do that. What you CAN do is place a “target” in the middle of the map, and then use “Map centre” location.

Thanks for the response, NigelG.
Is there a way to fix de marker in the center? Then the user just drag the map with the marker fixed?
In this case I could use the “Map center” location right?

I’m trying to let the user to create Events, letting him to choose the date/time and location of the Event.


Yes, you can have a single marker, and set the address to the map’s centre address.

Then you can either let them drag the map, or have a search box for an address that sets the map to somewhere and then lets them drag.

Got it. I set the ‘Marker Address’ to ‘Map A’s center address’, so when the user drags the map the marker is always in the center.
But how to start the marker at the current location? Or change the marker typing in the search box like you said?
I’m searching in the Map property or in the workflow but didn’t find anything.
I tried to in the page load use the display markers but he display the marker at the current location and lock it, so when I drag he does not move to the center

Nevermind, I got it how to set the address with the search box hehe

So, two ways.

First, you can run a workflow every x seconds to recentre the map.

Second, you can make the map have no markers, and use an icon over the top.


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Thanks for the help NigelG :slight_smile: