Listing Location selection on map

Hi there. I am building an app which is mainly based on a map, where users add places (listings) with descriptions and fotos (spots to do a specific outdoor sport).

From what I found so far I can make them input the adress of the listing as geographic adress, so that it will be displayed on the map afterwards. But as the locations mainly are in nature with no specific adress, I would like to give the user the chance to select the location on a map and set the marker visually.

Does anyone know how this would be possible?

Planning on using the maps component and google APIs. Do I need a different system?

Thanks! Hannes


You can allow your user’s to drag a map’s center marker around by checking the box that says “allow zooming and dragging” on the map element.

Then, you can use an input’s initial content to reference the map’s center address along with parameters for latitude and longitude if no exact google maps address exists:

Thanks a lot, I will try that out :+1:t5:

funnily it does not show any marker after I started the preview. what could be the reason for that?