Searching by date field is not working

Hello, I am kind of new to bubble and have been stuck on this issue for some time now. I can not seem to get my search page to work. The search page searches the entries in my database that have the same values for the date and activity. image

I Have this as my constraints but i am not getting any entries to show.

Have you tried to debug it by searching for one constraint at a time to see is each of the three of them is working before combining them?

My instinct says the date field might be the issue but I’m guessing. There are very specific formats that you search against a bubble stored date. I’m sure you’ve probably read up on that already but if not it might be an angle to investigate.

But first I would try the constraints one at a time to see if all three are working and if the results of all three contain at least one result in common.

the date does seem to be the issue here. Do you think there is a way to make the date work?

Of course, there is a way @brownk78 but unfortunately, this is not something I have had a need to dig into. It simply registered with me when I was reading other forum posts as something I need to watch for in future. I don’t have time just now to do a search but if you do a forum search for uploading date and/or change the title of this post to something like 'Date Upload Format Question" then others might be more inclined to dive in and help as the title is tightly focused and they will know without opening the post if that is something they can perhaps help with. Then if you find the solution post it here so it will help others. Reach out again if you are still stuck and I’ll help when I return later in the day.

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