How do I send an array via API

I need to send an array to an API but i’m not sure the best way to achieve this. The API wants this in the json:

Is the best way to do a join on all my keywords and pass that through to the API call as a string [‘keyword1’, ‘keyword2’]

Before I do this is there a simpler way I’m unaware of?

I’m thinking this is the way. and i just send through keyword1’,‘keyword2’,'keyword3 as the data when i call it.

Answering my own question. You can’t really mix json body and parameters at the top, at least not in this case. Got errors.

This works.

Hi Ryan

I am curious about the solution. What do you have in the parameters?

Are the parameters removed and just placed into the Body of the call?

Use “Format as text”.


this solution is way better than what i did, which was “” but before that i had to join all keywords with “,”

didn’t think to do it in the pop up where you can add dynamic data.


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