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How do I set a transfer_group on stripe plug in

I am using the bubbles built in plugin for stripe. It worked fine until I started trying to transfer to sellers in a different currencey than my app us configured with on stripe.

I beleive the way to solve it is to use a transfer_group to group the charge of the customer with the transfer to the seller.

Stripe does provide a way to include a transfer_group on the Transfer To Seller action, but I coiant find a way to provide a transfer_group when charging the customer.

I even tried alling the stripe API to modify the Payment Intent object, but got an error saying that transfer_)group can only be set at checkout time.

I am trying to avoid going through the whole process of creating customers myself through the API.

Any help appreciated.

The transfer group is only to keep the transaction data relational for qol when reporting. You should only transfer to seller the currency that’s relevant to you and Stripe automatically converts this for your connect account.

Thanks for the response.

Not sure what you mean by “the curency that is relevant to you”?

My account in Stripe is in USD. On my marketplace if I have a buyer and a seller in the UK, I want to charge in GBP and transfer in GBP (charging this works fine, but Stripe converts it automatically in my account to USD) but when I transfer the money to a seller in GBP I get an error

“The currency of source_transactions’s balance transaction (usd) must be the same as the transfer currency”

I read in the docs that to use the same currency the transfer needs to be lined by a transfer_group, just having the link be through the source_transaction wasn’t sufficient.

If I chose to payout in USD I would need to determine e the exchange rate that Stripe had used on my customer’s transaction.Not ideal.

Stripe PRO plugin automatically sets the transfer group for you as the cart id. Maybe that’s an option.