(Stripe Plugin) Transfer to Seller - Destination field

Hi all - does anyone have more information on how to work with the “Destination seller” field in the Stripe “Transfer to Seller” component ? I see that it’s expecting data of type “User” but what I am trying to pass to it is the Seller account from Stripe that I’ve retrieved as type “text” from a separate process and have saved to the User in my db.

When I pass a User object to this component, I am getting the Stripe error: “Sorry, this seller cannot accept payments right now due to a temporary error. Please try again later.”


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Did you find it out ?

I got no idea about the “Source Charge ID” and “Transfer Group” parameters neither.

Is there any documentation somewhere about this ?

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Someone on the forum created a plugin specifically for the source ID. I can’t seem to find it though.

Hi @steven.traykovski
Did you find out how to work with Destination Seller? I’m getting the same error message.

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Did anyone find out the solution here?


It wants the User thing for the Seller. You can use a search on the User if you have the Stripe Account Id.

But that user must be set up on Stripe to receive transfers.

For that you can use the API Connector to check the Payouts enable flag. But in that case you may as well use the Transfer to Seller API call direct.

Thanks @NigelG

I do have the account_ID of the connected account but it doesn’t let me introduce text.

Do I need to first upload all the connected accounts account_IDs to Bubble first?

In the plugin, do a search : first item for User where the Stripe Seller = account_id of the connected account.


This assumes your Sellers have connected their connected accounts to Bubble.

Thanks again, @NigelG

I might be using a different Stripe plugin because I just select the action ‘payment > transfer to seller’:

then this is what I see:

I don’t see the Stripe plugin when doing a seach:

Maybe you’re suggesting that I create a database within Bubble with the connected accounts’ account_IDs?


Hi, I am searching for the same thing