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[Solved] New Repeating Group not displaying any data on preview

When creating a new repeating group, it does not display when adding any text or elements to the group.

Backend Editor:
Preview Page:

Editor Image:

[End Editor Image]

Result Preview Image:

[End Result Preview Image]

You are not telling the repeating group where to get its data from. There is no data source set. You are only telling it what type of data type to accept.

Set Data source to Search for User. (Just done that for you), but there is also no User data to load!

This shouldn’t matter… Even when typing static content (that isn’t sourced from somewhere), it doesn’t display. I’ve setup multiple Repeating Groups in the past without defining the source data.

Even still, setting the data source doesn’t do anything.

But it has no data to work with, you weren’t giving it anything. It was just an unused element, unless I’m missing something!

I set the data source… still doesn’t work.

What were you expecting it to show?

There are no Users in the Users table. And no user logged in.

What about temp users, or non-logged in users? Maybe you need at least one user in the DB for anything to work?

I am still not sure as to what you mean by “will work”, or what you were expecting to happen…from what I can see, it is doing as it should.

The current date/time text you added displayed in each cell as it should.


I’m following your points, I guess when you’re calling on the users table and there’s nothing else in there, you won’t display anything, even if there is no user logged in. I’ll close this one as a brain melt down on my part, and change the forum categorization to “need help” so that others can learn from this.

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No probs.

Your repeating group isn’t displaying any Users’ information because the content within the repeating group cell is a text element with the expression “Current date and time”. If you were to change this to “Current cell’s User’s email” for example, that would display the two emails that are within your Users table. Right now, it’s displaying two cells with two different dates/times because you have two Users. To display other information about the Users you would add other elements to the first cell (images, text elements, etc.) to present information using “Current cell’s User’s[field of your choice]”

We have been there Faye. I think he set it tomdate time as a test to prove something would appear in the cell.

It was originally Users uniqueid

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Ohh I didn’t see that. Got it. :slight_smile:

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That’s correct, I was just toggling back and forth with different data types to test. For some reason, I always thought that you could create a repeating group without specifying a data source, in case you wanted to call from multiple data sources. I guess I was wrong.

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You can set the data type only if you wish, then you can use workflows to send different datasets of that type depending on what you are trying to achieve.

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