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How do we do form validations?

Form validation is obviously part of every web application. I can’t seem to find any documentation or a comprehensive example, or video about this topic. Can you please provide an example? Like how to display errors (and prevent form submission).

There are a few different things you can do. Most (if not all) inputs have the option to be a required field. Check “This input should not be empty.” By doing that, any workflow that involves that input will not run if it’s empty.

You also have access to the state of an input if it is “not valid”. For example, an email input has text in it, but there is no domain. You can show alerts or keep a button disabled if there are invalid fields.

You can also create events “when an unhandled error happens” in workflows. This lets you access system errors and override the built-in Bubble messages and browser popups. You can retrieve error codes/messages from Settings > Languages. You can also edit the messages there.

Hope this helps get you started. There are obviously a variety of things you can do, so depending on the UX you want, see what works best for you.

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There’s also an option to use extract with regex (has to be text). That one’s complicated but it might be able to cover a case that the built in validation won’t cover.

Ok thanks to both. I’ll look into the suggestions mentioned here. It is still hard to follow without an example. I don’t understand why such an essential functionality is lacking from the documentation. It is embarrassing that I’m actually a software engineer and I don’t get it. Maybe I should stick with conventional programming!!


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