How do you check if a phone number is already in use?

I am trying to allow the user to create a sign up system in which the user uses their phone number instead of their email. I used the built in sign up system but substituted the email for the US phone number and it seems to work. However now I’m trying to check if the user’s inputed phone number is already in use, and if so give them an alert. How should I do this?

NB: I am pretty new to bubble and while I think I have a decent grasp I may have missed something obvious

Hi there, @samuel1… I have never tried it, but if you do the sign up as described in the following post (which it sounds like you may have done), I would think Bubble would do the duplicate check for you in the same way it doesn’t let someone sign up with an email address that is already in the system.

Is it not working that way for you?


I haven’t appended the “” but having read the article you sent me (thank you very much by the way) I think I understand how it works. I am just wondering, is it important what domain name is appended, or is it merely used to so that phone numbers can be compared?

Good question… my understanding is that it doesn’t matter… appending a domain (whatever it happens to be) is just a way to “turn” a phone number into an email address because Bubble requires an email address to sign up.

It now acknowledges when a phone number is being reused but is there any way to navigate to a new page when the number is the same? This is because I am trying to navigate the user to a page where they can get help if their phone number is already in use.

Sure… I think you could have a workflow step that navigates to a new page, and that step would have a condition to navigate to the page only when a count of a search for users where their email address matches the phone number input is greater than 0. So, for clarity, the Only when condition would be something like Search for Users:count > 0 with a constraint on the search where email = phone number input:append domain.