How do you deal with in app analytics to display to users?

So I have plenty of users and want to introduce an analytics feature where I need to collect data about page views, clicks etc.

Obviously, one would say: save it to a new datatype in the database but this is not WU effective. 1.12 WU to write to the db for each page view is a lot when scaled to a few thousand events per day.

Does anybody know of a service that works like this:

  • They provide a JS snippet that can be added to an apps - Something like Google Analytics
  • The snippet tracks and sends/stores data in their external DB. The data can be page views, link clicks and so on
  • I can query this DB via an API call and display the result to my users in their dashboard

I am migrating to an external db for real time analytics because it just consumes so many WU to write and then (search &)delete them when needed. I’m playing around with Firebase right now. I haven’t finished my implementation but Its clear that an ext db was necessary for this type of data. The backend Workflows collect the data and save it to firebase, while on the client side, they simply get an api call that reads the data directly from firebase db, completely circumventing bubbles db.

Edit: since its by google, you can setup the analytics when prompted to setup the firebase db. depending on if you’re trying to collect the # of new users to the page or what not, you may want to try creating a cookie, and save that to the ext db in the pages’ collection.