Page view analytics with new WU system

just curious how to handle page view analytics with the new WU system?

half my client apps capacity is now page view analytics ie me creating a new thing/modifying a new thing for page loads to track user funnels or which pages / searches are most used.

mixpanel and google analytics do not offer the same amount of granularity, any other way to do it except creating/modifying things, that takes up less WUs?

If this is client side you can send direct fetch requests to the service of your choice with javascript in a plugin. There are a lot of services for this and they may be more or less suitable depending on your needs.
A service that I am keeping an eye on is Workers Analytics Engine from Cloudflare for full custom scalable analytics.

Hope this helps


Have you considered custom events with GA to give you the event granularity you want? And changing the GA session Id to your Bubble user unique id? (To give you some cross referencable reports)

Custom events and dimensions are much under used power features of GA in my opinion. Sounds like you are a good case and you’ve designed the reports first.

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GA becomes a more and more unuseable tool in terms of privacy. I am using plausible analytics but to track things with bubble directly would be much more accurate.