Multiple constraints in a repeating group

I need to show a list of companies in a repeating group only if at least one of 4 specific fields isn’t empty - I can’t get it to work - because if I say to the repeating group: “do a search for a company with each one of these fields should not be empty” it will not show a company if only one of the fields is empty!

Isn’t there an “OR” option in the constraints of a repeating group search?

merge is the best surrogate for OR, but I’m not sure that it will work for your scenario.

to get an “or”, use filtered:advanced search


Thanks. It worked!

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Hi There, it seems to work only with Users, I can’t seem to find that OR in any other data type. Is this correct?

i just checked. Also works with a datatype I created called counties.
Be sure to use do a search for
only then filtered
then advanced