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How do you manage images on AWS and display them correctly?

I have a page where users can upload pictures, using the image uploader element. 4 slots are available. Those images are added to a “list of images” given their input.
workflow: make changes to thing; add image to list

The “dynamic image” is then current page list of images:item#1 and so on for the 4 slots.

I’m confused about how bubble and AWS handle the display of images when a user decides to change any of these images for the following example.

example: so user goes in and uploads 4 images. All good. Then user wants to change his/her images and uploads 4 new images. The old ones are stored in the database in the list of images and on AWS.

Considering the “dynamic image” is _current page list of images:item#1-4 from AWS, the old images are still displayed. The bubble database says there’s 4 images but AWS says there’s 8, of which #1-4 are fetched.

How do you make AWS store only 4 images in list of images? Or clear the item# entry in AWS to get it displayd correctly?


Still confused about this. @emmanuel or someone else care to elaborate pls?
Found this topic Delete Image in List of Images and extended the thought of creating a data field for each picture. I don’t think that makes sense though. Or does it? It shouldn’t but could.


I’d definitely think about just having four fields, it’ll make it pretty easy to update just one and keep track of what the images are. I’m sure there are ways of doing it with a list, but I use this approach in my stuff.

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