How do you remove a thing within a thing in a repeating group?

I have a list of things within a thing, such as an item with a list of areas.
Username x has the following areas: family, friends, family, financial, etc. How do I get only family in a repeating group?

I assume your database is structured this way:
On USER data type it has field called FAMILY and it is set to List of Users.

If yes, it should be easy: Just refer to it in Repeating Group as Data Source: User’s Family or Do a search for USER and then choose Family.

In my case it looks like this:


If this is not the answer show us screen how your database is structured.

It’s a bit more complicated.

I want the repeating group to show only family, but currently, it looks like this:

Okay, let me ask you this, what’s the point of that repeating group? What do you want to show?

This with only family or only friends or only financial: image

I really don’t understand what you are trying to do here :thinking:

Take a look at filtering:advanced maybe you will find sth there.

I basically have an array of areas, right? Can I filter out specific items in this array when I display it in a repeating group?

try this

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Oh my god! It worked! Thank you so much!!! :smiley:

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Fantastic! :smiley:

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