How do you send emails to customers?

After-sales emails, e.g. announcements, tips, etc.

Currently I use Zapier plugin to feed customers’ emails into my Aweber list. But Aweber rejects role-based emails (e.g. which 10% of my customers use.

I’m looking at SendGrid, but it seems terribly difficult to use. There isn’t even a Zapier integration to feed emails into it.

SendGrid plugin seems to have negative reviews, I tried it to simply add a contact, but it asks me for email subject, email body, etc. - I can see why the reviews.

Any idea what email tool to use? I must be able to feed customer emails from Bubble into it (either via plugin or Zapier).

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Hi @jayy,

I typically use Postmark for both transactional sending and broadcast sending, broadcast is a little more inconvenient, but it gets the job done at a more affordable price. So if you’re looking for a reliable transactional definitely recommend it.

In terms of marketing, not the best at this myself, but Mailchimp? Constant Contact? Campaign Monitor? Mailer Lite? Email Octopus? Those are the popular ones people talk about off the top of my head

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Thanks! I’ll check Postmark out!!

One problem with those services like MailChimp is they may reject or limit role-based emails which many of my customers use.

Oh really? I’ve seen role-based emails used. I believe Bubble even sends out their newsletters through Mailchimp using

There is a workflow category which you can use to send emails.
So you can use it for after sales emails or confirmation email our newsletter subscriptions :slight_smile:

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@johnny yes.

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@design.agx Yes that’s fine but it’s error prone and doesn’t have any statistics on open rates, etc. I rather just use a proper email tool…


This is something Bubble should consider! There is definitely space for improving this area of them.

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Well Bubble is using Sendgrid and for one Sendgrid doesn’t have the best reputation and deliverability rates. And I don’t think that Bubble will implement Sendgrid data within their platform, when you can access it through Sendgrid as long as you’re sending from your own Sendgrid Account.

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Ah, I didn’t know that, but it looks like it only affects you during bulk import.

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Another downside to using Bubble for sending emails - you have to redeploy to Live every time - this may be very disruptive to users using the app.

Yeah I’d give Postmark a try. Don’t believe they block role-based emails.

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I helped out a friend with their project using Postmark to send emails because Bubble emails went to spam often.

I made these videos to help others out with integrating Postmark with Bubble:

Hope this helps and let me know if you need any extra info - happy to help.

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