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How do you separate a repeating group posts?

Hello! I am trying to figure out how to space out repeating groups posts so that the repeating group is separated and I can then add a condition so that when the repeating group post hovers, it turns grey. Now all the posts turn grey as the posts are as if they are one.

Create a group inside the cell of the repeating group that takes up the entire space of the repeating group. The in the conditional of the group, say: “when this group is hovered” → background colour is grey


The reason mine doesn’t show colour options underneath “flat colour” is because my group uses a preset style. So if I was to do it, I would have to remove the preset style

Thanks Paul. I get what you mean and it works; but how will I see my elements inside the repeating group if it is overlapped with the group?

Either add transparency to the group or send it to the back

I added transparency but it only stayed on one repeating group post…also what do u mean to send it to the back?

In order to answer your first question, I need to see a screenshot of your appearance tab and conditional tab of the group.

For the second question, right click the group and click “send to back”. If the group is over top of the other elements, it will cover them. You have to set it behind all the other elements so when it changes colour, it doesn’t block out everything. This approach though will make it so that all other colours of the other elements stay the same. If you use the transparency method with the group in front, then it will tint not only the negative space but the positive space as well (i.e. all the elements)

For the first question, do you see the line that separates the repeating group, I want to space those out.

I was asking for screenshots of the bubble editor appearance tab and conditional tab.

For this screenshot though, you want to add space between those up and down arrow icons and the “digital vibes”?


Then just make the repeating group bigger and space things out more

Do you see how Quora spaces its posts - for example …there is a space between the repeating group…

Then make the group in the repeating group cell have a border and make it slightly smaller than the cell. You can’t space out the actual RG but you can make it look like you did by formatting the visuals of the elements inside of it

ok thanks Paul…it is too bad you can’t space out the RG.

But that’s the thing with bubble. You can’t expect ever feature to work the exact way you want it to but there are plenty of ways to get the same thing done utilizing the functionality that bubble does provide.

From a user standpoint, there is literally no difference to implementing the method you want to implement vs the method that I described. It achieves the exact same look

thx Paul ur a champ

i got it to work…i just put a group element below the RG element post and colored it to look like the page colour…looks amazing

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