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How does Send Email works?

Do I have to setup something to execute Send Email actions?
Debug shows no error but the email is never received.

No, it should just work. If the email is wrong from some reasons, the email won’t get sent, but we don’t stop workflows if so. We’re actually working right now on a feature that will let you see logs to see what happened in such a case.

have you check the debugger to make sure the email is correct?

I just figured it out…
Because it’s test version I don’t actually accept payments(payment goes to seller - app fee), every time you get an error back from stripe the rest of the workflow is disregarded and won’t run.
In test version everyone should make sure to put charge-card actions (if you pay 3rd party) at the end of each workflow as everything after that won’t run.

Right, that’s the default behavior. In test though, the transactions should run if the seller is defined, if it doesn’t that probably means you have something weird with your workflows.

also make sure there is an email in the “To” field. If it’s empty, even if some emails are in the cc or bbc fields, it won’t be sent (it was like that some weeks ago for sure) and I don’t think an issue showed up.