Send Email Not Sending - Spot Issue?

OK, I have set up my page to create a new thing (submits to database just fine) and step 2 of the workflow is to send an email. First, below is the form that the user fills out. The first two dropdowns at the top determine the contacts that will be emailed.

Below is the workflow for sending email.

Can someone tell me why this will not send the email? I have another page that is essentially the same design. The only difference is that it’s not contingent on the user choosing the contacts. The workflow is setup through current user’s site’s etc (similar to this). That is pretty much the only difference and it sends.

Is that a nested result of step x? That’s probably the issue. You should only pass in one email to send to.

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Ugh… that sucks man. There are a lot of emails we have to send to for this process. Just tried it by reducing it to doing just one email and it went right through. Thank you for pointing it out. Will have to try to figure out a work around…

Create a backend workflow with the send email action. Then on your page workflow you’d schedule api workflow on a list. Pass in the list of your emails you want to use.

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I will have to look into how to do that as I have no idea how to do that. That’s way more advanced than I’ve ever gotten into Bubble.

@doug.burden OK, so backend workflow isn’t that bad. Figured out how to do this. What’s giving me pause right now is the the email lists. How do I do the email list? These lists will be conditional based on what the user chooses. The emails are stored in the database. They’re not a static list. I guess what I’m saying is it doesn’t feel like I’m getting anywhere different than where I was before other than where data is processed (front end vs. backend).

Page Workflow

Backend Workflow


Apparently this worked! Thank you for pointing me in this direction!

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