How does the Relative Positioner plugin work?

I just discovered the awesome Relative Positioner (float) plugin by @vini_brito (thanks to @colin-bubble’s recommendation), but I’m now trying to figure out:

  1. How do I dismiss an object after it has been repositioned when a person clicks away as happens with a group focus? I believe this may be the “blur detector” in the plugin but am unsure how it works.
  2. How do I use the skidding feature? I tried to figure out how to set it up but couldn’t.

Anyone have insight to offer?

Hi! Proper documentation pages are scheduled for later this year.
The blur detector works like this, you just apply it once to the element when it gets visible through a “do when condition is true, X is visible” and then once the group loses focus, which means a click happens and that click is not on the element, it disappears.

Skidding: tinker with it, write 0, then 50, then 200 and you will see what happens with each :blush:

And thanks for the interest in my plugins! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@vini_brito, thanks for the reply! Looking forward to those docs. I’ll look over these suggestions; thanks for chiming in.

Great plugin @vini_brito :clap:t3:

For anyone else trying to solve for keeping a group tethered to the bottom of the viewport, or some group within in it, this is your solution.

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Hey @vini_brito :slight_smile:

I’ve got a workflow set to ON PAGE LOAD: Identify current viewport height (using another plugin) and then input that number into the ‘Displacement’ field to move my floating group to the bottom of my device screen. It works - yay!

However, as soon as I start scrolling, the floating group acts like a regular element and starts moving up the page with all other elements. Am I missing something?


Excellent plugin - this doesn’t get enough publicity for its utility. I’m trying to solve a sticky header issue, similar to how the sub-navigation bar is scrolled, then get stuck at the header on this example: R1S - Rivian

Any update on the documentation or an example site, please Vini?

I’m most interested in the SKIDDING option. I think it could be used to ‘push’ the header from the page then a new header takes it place. The description reads: “Displaces the picked element along the reference element.”

I’m assuming the “reference element” is the “anchor element”?

Thanks in advance…

Yes, reference element is the anchor element. Best is to just tinker with numbers in there and see it happening :blush:
On docs, not yet, still prioritizing building my centralized docs page and some other plugins (PDF Conjurer and Leafy Maps), but this one will have its turn eventually :relieved:

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Hi Vini,
Any update on the documentation?
A simple loom can greatly help :slight_smile:

No sorry, I still hadn’t the opportunity to do so. Hopefully one day!

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