How have capacity units affected your app's speed?

Hi Bubble Community

When you were developing your app and hit capacity limits, did moving to the higher plan with more capacity units improve the speed of your app? My app is hitting max capacity 70% of the time based on a backend workflow that runs after hours with only a couple users (deleted the WF until I can figure out how to run it more efficiently). The workflow could be optimized, however, it gives me concern to how many capacity units the app will need when it reaches, 100, 1000, 10,000 users.

I realize every app is different and has different load demands, however, what was your experience going from the personal plan with basic capacity to needing more capacity units? Did the app perform better, or did you have to make changes to the structure of your app to optimize its use?

Thanks for sharing your experiences,

Also, is there a way to sort by the most executed workflows in hopes to determine which WFs should be moved to the backend?

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