How have you implemented a blog into your app for content marketing?

Hi Bubble Community,

How have you setup content or a blog on your app? Do you use a bubble plugin, design your own “blog”, or integrate with another service (wordpress, etc), so that your site has useful / lead generating content for your prospective subscribers?

Interested to learn how other people have setup their content strategies and any links to their sites.

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Following this.

I want to use Ghost, and be able to integrate so I have - like Bubble do with their blog.

@stephane had an awesome thread on this but don’t think it worked out in the end.

Anyone else with an update on how this could be achieved?

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I think @boston85719 might have a blog template to help you get started?

I built a blog for my app with the Rich Text Editor plugin and a repeating group for content and a repeating group within that for comments.
It wasn’t that difficult.

How is your SEO associated with that setup? Do you have Header tags, image alt text, image captions, structured data as well?

When I built my template

I built it with the intention of maximizing my content for SEO purposes and added all the components of on page SEO…of course the easiest setup is a simple Rich Text Editor but that doesn’t provide nearly as much SEO capabilities as needed to make the most of your blog content.

My template is not only a blog but a complete CMS.

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Yo @boston85719 - what’s the best way to integrate your template with an existing app? Buy your template, and then copy pages with workflows into the existing app?

The first step is correct, and you do also need to copy pages with workflows but to be setup correctly, don’t start on the pages right away.

  1. Buy Template

  2. In existing app make sure the following are setup as in the template (most can be copied and pasted)
    A. Plugins
    B. Styles
    C. Database Structure (including data types and option sets)
    D. Backend Workflows

  3. Start to copy and past with workflows the reusable elements (most are a single containing group)…be sure to check the custom states on the reusable elements before copying and pasting because the reusable element based custom state won’t get copied over, but all custom states on other elements will.

When looking to ensure all workflows are copied over, remember that custom workflows as well as general workflows will not copy over as they are ‘attached’ to the reusable element. So copy and paste over any custom and general workflows (ones you will find at the beginning of the workflows such as page is loaded).

  1. After each reusable element is copied over and all workflows associated with it, resolve all issues in the issue checker prior to starting on the next reusable element.

  2. After getting all reusable elements copied over, start on the pages. Follow same approach as reusable element.

  3. While copying the pages, check the page SEO settings and dynamic expressions to copy those over as well.

As a side note, I do provide integration services. I charge $100 USD per hour (for development and training as well). The blog integration would take me 3 hours.

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super helpful!! thank you mate.

might be hitting you up shortly for integration.

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