How many App license required to build this?

Hi Bubble,

My main App requires

  1. A web app
  2. Mobile app

So when acquiring a license does this mean i have to purchase two license/plans separately or does it require only one under which i can build as many apps as possible? I understand the mobile app has to be made as a responsive web app.

Your web app and mobile app would be the same plan.

You can’t build many apps under a plan (but if it’s the same app, mobile and web would be just one plan).

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Thanks for the response.

So my understanding is that as long as all those apps are about one business unit… i can make multiple apps (one for admin, one web app, 1 mobile app for users, 1 mobile app for admin users and so on).

It’s one app, but you’d have different permissions and conditionals to handle which pages (or groups) your users would see.

So in essence, you can think of it as a “different” app based on the type of user, but in reality it’s the same app.

just to elaborate on this.

like said above. it is one app. You just define user permissions such as if user is admin = yes then they will be able to see an admin specific group or etc etc.

So if your web app is a marketing tool then your mobile app has to also be the marketing tool. you cant create a marketing tool then a puppy video app and so on in one app. They require their own plans to be published separately.

If you need an admin to see one page and a normal user can’t then you have to use permissions like stated above. Once you get the hang of it and more into creating using bubble you’ll understand how permissions work, how the privacy policies work and all of that stuff which can be confusing to new users.

If you need help understanding all of this stuff I’ll be creating a tutorial on this stuff on my YouTube channel this week! I’ve just started and I think this topic may be a good one to talk about for users such as yourself.

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