How many sass application i can deploy online with the starter plan?

hello everyone i’m new on bubble and i wanna know how many application i can deploy on line to a client with the starter plan, where is the limits ?
thank you, and wish everyone are doing well !.

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Bubble plans are not per User. They are per app. Every app has its own plan.

If you want to build two apps, you’ll probably need to get two plans.

No limit is stopping you from trying to build multiple different apps in one single bubble editor, if thats what you are thinking. However, whilst not actually stopping you, there are a lot of things that would make it a really terrible idea to try and do so.

Hope this helps.


if i by the starter plan, can i use it to deploy tow different apps for tow different clients ?

and why it’s a terrible idea ?

For clients?? Thats a bad idea, seriously.
If they are clients they should be paying for their subscription anyways. And now that bubble is essentially pricing based on usage, you arent really gaining anything.

So many reasons.
But even something as trivial as the domain. Are you going to make them share a domain?

Edit: sorry, I might have made some assumptions. What are the apps you trying to build?

Give an example. What do you mean by different apps?

i’m creating a medical office management app, and for tow client so what’s the best plan i should take ?