Considering Bubble.. The free plan cannot deploy?

Hello, I am trying a few no/lo code platforms to see which fits me best. Is it correct that I cannot deploy with the free version of Bubble?
as I am new to website desiging in general, soes that mean I cannot “use” my webapp? Not even with a Bubble branding and stil on

You can use the development version. But you are not able to go live (deploy) with your app.

Thank you. Another quesiotn: in the more expensive tiers, I see I can use multiple application editors. Why would I want that?
Also, in the Professional tier, there are three development versions. Does that mean that I don’t have a functional TEST environment in the Personal tier?

The three development versions is like a version control.

You can create a separate development version for each developer, this way they wont effect each other work. And at the time of deployment you see side by side what cahanges one do when you uploaded it.

Just like Git

thanks. And about the application editors?

Also, another question: I would like to create an app for several websites (it will be a sort of add on). Is this possible with the Personal tier? What is the limit for amount of websites/URL/domains to deploy my app to?

You can add sub a app to a subdomain of a url but not sure what you mean.

Do you mean you want to create a app and attach it to multiple domain. Or to attach multiple on one app.

This is if you want to collaborate with your development team simultaneously