How many things is too much?

Data is key.

In my admin panel, I can see how many times a specific user opens a specific page and which actions they take from thereon. With many users, a lot of data things will be created. Which means a lot of interesting data.

None of these have to be displayed with a repeating group (So loading time doesn’t matter here).

But in my admin I am displaying the …:count.

Now I’m wondering, with so much (useful) data in my backend, does it bring any overall loading issues? How many Data Things for a specific Data Type are too much?

Thanks in advance!

With 800 monthly users, this could mean +/- 30k things created per month? Is this a problem for bubble?

I think the only database restriction in Bubble is Lists…so if a datafield is a list it can only have 10K max items in the list. But I don’t think that a particular datatype has a maximum number of entries.

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@boston85719 Oh that’s a little bummer…

Thank you for your answer! :slight_smile: