How much can a bubble site handle in terms of users & traffic?

Hello All,

How much can a Bubble site handle in terms of users and visitors?

Can it for an example handle 10k users with a professional plan?


depends on what your app does

I think there are some substantial apps created in Bubble which can handle that amount, but it does depend on how you create the app, so by that I mean not doing loads of “Do searches…” etc which may potentially slow things down if there’s a lot of data for example.

Hopefully you’ll get a reply from someone who knows more than myself!

I have built a site for finding co-founders and jobs.

I am just worried my site can’t handle that many users.

bubble should be able to accommodate you with whatever your needs at the right price :money_mouth_face:
I wouldnt worry about performance issues yet, wait until you scale more.
I think theres some sort of service to stress test apps, maybe someone can share it.