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How much data can we input to my Database

I want to know the limit of Database capacity, and the way to count.
for example, “until 200 ROWS” or "until 1000 CELLS " or “~~GB” or …

if database has the limit, my app’s user can’t use the app enough
please tell me “where is the limit and how can I rise the upper limit” .

If you mean “return N items from a search” (as in SQL “limit”)…-items-until

If you mean “what are the database storage limits” - you can retrieve up to 10,000 items in a List. That is not to say you can’t store more than 10,000 items, you can’t can’t put more than 10,000 in a List.

thank you for your answer.
actually, i want to know the limit of database.
as the attached picture show, users can add TAGs to app’s database.(1 ROW, 1 TAG)
but I’m concerned that the database has the limit and , sooner or later, users connot add a new data