Where to find the Data Limit on the current app?

Does anyone know where to see this? I couldn’t find it in the documentation.

I got an email saying my app is over the DB limit, but can’t actually find where that’s reported within bubble (or how to see the current size)

If you’re on the FREE plan then you’re limited to total of 200 things in your database.

I’m on the Personal one, its limited at 10GB. But within Bubble Admin, there seems to be no figure/graph showing how much data is actually being used (so if I delete things, I cant tell if I’m below the limit)

In logs tab / capacity. this is the file storage limit, not Data limit. This is something different.

Thanks! I see that now. Does deleting db records make that limiit go down?

I would assume so, since the db records have files within (so if they’re deleted, the S3 storage should be freed?)

But it doesnt look like that reported number within the place you mentioned, is decreasing (making me think, deleteing db records isn’t the trick)

You’re talking about storage capacity then, not database limits (of which there currently aren’t any)…

As @Jici says, you can see your current storage usage in the Logs > Capacity tab of your app.

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No. You need to delete files. DB is unlimited if you are on a paid plan
If you delete DB record, it doesn’t delete file. You always need to delete file in Delete file action.

Thank you both! That worked: deleted files manually through the Explorer, and the limit went down


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