How much does Bubble usage cost per user

Hi everyone! I’ve just about completed my first bubble app and I hope to launch it soon. It’s a simple app (I think) that generates recipes for users through an API call to OpenAI.

I know how much OpenAI costs me per recipe. I’m trying to figure out how much Bubble usage will cost. I’ll have to do my pricing based on this. Can anybody help? Thanks

When you have some users online, check your logs.

If you have 10 users and are using 10% of your usage you can get a simple calculation there.

Every application is different so there’s no way to give you an answer.

Thanks. I guess I’ll just have to wait and watch.
Appreciate the reply.

Some tools charge per user, either in the form of tiers or just count of users. Theoretically, you could also consider the need to upgrade capacity as a sort of “increased cost as user count goes up” thought process.

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