How much would 3000 users on Bubble apps cost me?

  1. I am expecting my app to have about 3000 users. Around 300 users in 5 mins… around 100 users in a min.
  2. Usage will be mostly form submission (texts and numbers). Once submitted they should be able to see reports in form of charts and RG list
  3. There will be commenting/chat features too… Point 1 for how many users
  4. 2800 users on mobile version through which these interactions (form submission and comments) will happen

For this kind of app, what’s the most likely pricing plan that i will fit into? And how much it could cost me monthly… just an estimate?

Will professional plan be enough

ps: i run Xenforo forum software with 5000 users (200 concurrent users replying and commenting) on simple VPS plan for $40-80 plan). I know it is not fair to compare with forum software but in the forum world the community are able to gauge the server costs easily from their experience.

Am hoping for such guidance from the community. When i see some members complaining about paying $600 and maxing out with 15-20 users (due to some bugs on infra set up of course)… it is imperative for me to research whether Bubble is indeed the right platform for my use case.

Any help would be appreciated.


Your talking about a mobile app in your case, correct?

Because I’m about to launch my web app and those limits you’re referring to scare me… :slight_smile:

out of 3000, about 2900 will be using mobile version of the app. And around 100 will use both the mobile and desktop versions (which will have more dashboard of the business).

If you are referring to my “maxing out at 15-20 users on a paid plan”… it was really a bug on Infra set up, as confirmed by Bubble team… so it’s not really the normal.

I have not found the “normal” metrics and cost analysis being talked about in bubble community and hence initiating this discussion as it is very important for us. Usually, these days we should be able to simulate the cost against some metrics for all platforms, for basic purpose like text inputs, showing RG, uploading 2 GB media files etc

Please lead me to such discussion if it already exists


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