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How Sway?! --> User answers questions & the submission causes applicable media to show


Help me.

I want to create a questionnaire two or three questions that queries a database that I create. I think of it as sorting a spreadsheet by two or three terms and randomly one of the eligible results pops up.

What Color do you like?
What Shape do you like?

One of the various blue triangles pops up

I hope I’m expressing this correctly. If this has been answered please post the link below. If I’m not being clear, let me know.

Would I create the database first then import it (can I do that?) then use the drop down function (some how sourcing it to my database that I created)?

Hi @cnmays, what you’d like to do is definitely possible in Bubble! :slight_smile: Here is an example I created in the forum app of your application idea. I created three different results of Colored Shapes (two blue triangles and one blue square) which will show up if you select the values ‘Blue’ and ‘Triangle’ or ‘Blue’ and ‘Square’ from the two dropdowns on the right side of the page. Here’s what that the App Data for those 3 results looks like in the App Data tab of Bubble:

and here’s the Data Structure for ‘Colored Shape’

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I think it may be easier for you to focus on creating the right Data Types and Fields for your application in Bubble, functioning in the way you’d hope them to first, and then focus on filling up the App Data containing all of the results. That data structuring is generally the trickiest part (in my experience), but once you have your app working in the way you’d like, the easier part will be filling in the data, either manually through Bubble, or by uploading a CSV.



I’m gonna get on it and if I have more questions then I’ll be back!

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