Video Tutorial On Making a Dropdown

Is there a video on making a dropdown, a simple one from a database table (thing)???
What if the database table (I mean thing) has four columns, how do you which one or ones can be assigned to the dropdown?

I have to say the learning curve for Bubble has been pretty steep.

Thanks in Advance!!

Try searching here…

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Hi @akerezy - I don’t have a video but earlier today I created a prototype that has both a multi-select dropdown (a free plugin) as well as a simple dropdown.

This first picture shows “Type of Choices” is “User” and the “Choices source” is a Search for Users to dynamically create the pulldown values (Users could be substituted for other “things” from your database)

Then for “Option caption” (that actual values that’ll show up in the pulldown), the following picture shows “Current option” then you choose whatever field in your “thing” (for my prototype is was “Current option’s Name” which is effectively User Name from my database)

Here’s the link to the prototype. While not a video, hope it helps

Thanks for your help. This software is just pitiful

What does “types of choices” mean??? I have a table (thing or type or whatever they call it) I created with a list of the values I want to appear in the dropdown.

Q1) How do I use the dialog box, to choose the table I want the values in the dropdown to come from?
Q2) How do I use the dialog box to choose the column(s) in the table I want the values in the dropdown to come from?
Q3) How do I “bind” the choice selected from the dropdown to another table and column


Sorry - I am so frustrated with them trying to make it so simple, that’s it’s confusing.

@akerezy - if you haven’t seen it already, you may find the “Defining types of things” video helpful (click below). In the “Videos” tab you’ll find the video. The user interface in the video is a bit dated but the data structure concepts in Bubble should help.

Have you tried watching a full app tutorial? I definitely recommend spending some time watching a good tutorial. Everything makes a lot more sense afterwards.

Again thanks for your help - I figured it out after only 3 hours…ouch

I’ve gone through about 60% of the tutorial videos on the home page. In fact, I kept looking for a tutorial with a dropdown control, but you can’t tell up front which UI controls they use, outside of their name.

Where is the full app tutorial?

Sorry, I should have been more clear. I meant a tutorial where they recreate a full app from start to finish in bubble. For example, search airbnb.

If you search for “dropdown” you may find a tutorial that helps.

Once you get familiar with Bubble, you’ll be able to build really fast. May take a few hours, weeks, etc…

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