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How to access Current Cell's Index from withing a Reusable Element

I have a Reusuable Element (RE) placed with a Repeating Group (RG).

I need to be able to access the RG’s current cell’s index and be able to use that within the RE workflows and element IDs.

How can I achieve that? Feel like I’ve tried everything!

Hi Alex, the easiest way to do this is by setting the type of content of the RE to number. After adding the RE to the RG, it is possible to set the data source to current cells index:


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Thank you @gerbertdelangen, but I also need the Data Type as well.

Example, let’s say the RG is a list of companies.
I need the Data Source to be Parent Group’s companies
And the RE type to be Companies

I have successfully implemented the Aircopy to Clipboard plugin, however in order to use the way it is setup you need access to the current cell’s index AND the type (e.g. Company) because my options RE element allows you to Copy, Edit and Delete Companies.

Ah ok, just set the RE to type of content Company and data source to current cells company. Why would you need current cells index?

Because I need to use the Current Cell’s index to identify which cell to copy information from in a RG.

By getting the index from the cell, I can trigger to copy the text from that cell by clicking on the Copy button from within the RE

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 3.20.46 PM

Ah clear, instead of using current cells index, it should possible to use current cells company’s unique id (or parent groups company’s unique id) in the three locations in your screenshot. With that unique id you can identify the company.

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Yep! That’s the one. That led me to the answer. Appreciate it. I kinda got it stuck in my head that I HAD to use the Index, but any unique identifier was enough to get me there.

Appreciate your help!

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