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Custom Event is not selectable in dropdown


I am having an issue with scheduling a custom event. I have created a new custom event on the API workflows page, but when I try to schedule it in a workflow, it is not listed in the dropdown list. This is the first time I am trying to do this, so not sure if I am missing a step or if this is a bug.


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Custom events can only be triggered from the same workflow page, so you can’t access the custom event you created in API Workflows from your dashboard page. If you create that custom event in the dashboard page’s workflows, then you can trigger or schedule the custom event.

You can schedule an API Workflow (Endpoint, not custom event) from another page.

You can also do this: schedule an API workflow (from dashboard page) that triggers a custom event created in API Workflows because the endpoint and the custom event in this case are in the same workflow page.

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You need to create the Custom Event in the Workflow if you are calling it from the Workflow, rather than in the API workflows.

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Ahh. Of course!!! I’m not sure why I thought I had to make it on the API page. Probably because the first way I thought I would accomplish my purpose was to schedule an API Workflow, but decided to try scheduling a custom event instead. Thanks to both of you for your prompt help! I’m a tech attorney, so if you ever need any help with software licensing, etc I would love to return the favor.


Prompt responses are usually the result of recognition of hitting one’s head against the same wall :laughing:


I really like your website. It brings humor to the table, a trait most attorneys I have signed contracts with lack.

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Thanks! I was at a big law firm in DC before going solo, and wanted to get away from some of that stuffiness. I don’t think you need to take yourself too seriously to do good work.

That site is on Wordpress with the X theme, but I may redo it on Bubble in the future because I want to add a client portal.

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