How to access Input's value in RepeatingGroup


I have a RepeatingGroup in my app which has an Input form, how would I be able to access the input’s value in a workflow and save it in the database? In case you’re wondering, I’m building an Application System and the RepeatingGroup searches for a data type called Questions.

Thank you!

There are a couple of ways you can do this but roughly 2 main methods depending on your use case.

The simplest will be to add the input in the cell together with a button for example. When you click the button a new workflow starts that creates a new thing. You can save the current cell’s content but you can also save the input field that you put in the cell. Just reference ‘input X’ when you look for the value in the action like so:


Another solution would be to store all the inputs in a custom state and then run an API workflow to create a list of things in one go but this is a little more complicated and requires a paid plan. There is plenty of info on this when you search the forum.

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Do you want to create one thing from one of the specific Inputs in the RG, or do you want to create a thing for each of the inputs?

If it’s the latter I think you’ll need to Schedule an API Workflow on a List.

Thanks, I’ll check it out. @vinvent56’s solution is working now though. I don’t want to get into APIs as that requires a paid plan and this isn’t my app, I’m doing it for someone else.

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