Input inside of repeating group


I have a repeating grid where the data is pulled from an external API. The data in each cell of the group can be used in a workflow, and that is all working as intended

In addition to data pulled from the API, I would like each cell to contain an input. However, when I do this, it appears that the data from the input is not accessible within a workflow. What’s the reason for this & is there a workaround?

I have seen there is the option to enable auto-binding on parent element’s thing, but my assumption is this relates only to where the datatype in the grid is pulled from the database, instead of external API


You are right auto-binding is possible for the thing in a database. Since your data is coming from a external API directly to the repeating group I think you can’t do it.

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You can use a ‘when input value is changed’ workflow event to trigger an action anytime an input inside a RG is changed, and you can access its value in that workflow.

So you can store the value to a custom state list (for example) or elsewhere, if you need to access it at a later time.

Don’t forget, that you can’t add duplicate values to a custom state list, so if the input value’s are likely to be the same from cell to cell, you can append some additional value (such as the cell index) to keep them unique, and also to be able to associate them with the data from the specific cell.

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