Repeating Group, Data in Current Visible Cells Outside of Repeating Group


I have a repeating group which displays two cells. Both cells are buttons. I also have a “Both” button which is outside of, or not a part of the repeating group. When the user clicks the “Both” button, I want to grab the values of both displayed Current Cells and write them to the database. The repeating group order changes and is randomized.

How can I access or get to the data in the Current Cells Displayed outside of the Repeating Group?

Well there maybe different ways to do this. I first suggestion would be to add column to the RG for the “Both” button. That way I think the workflow should have access to the data in the same row. Another approach would be to have the “Both” outside the RG and create a different workflow for each “Both” button and then set up the database update workflow to locate the data using the same filtering used to create the RG. You would use the index number for each buttons workflow that correspond to the rows index number. This approach only makes sense if their is not to many rows.

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Thanks for your response.

There are many rows, 2 rows are displayed at a time with 1 column.
There should only be 1 Both button.

Is there a way to hide an element in a repeating group based on the cell index? With this I could add a both button in the repeating group’s cell and have a condition when this is the second cell (not sure how to do this part), make this element not visible. Could that work? How would I detect the cell? With cell index?

Yes you can control the visibility but the cell index number

Ok, now when this button only visible in cell index 2 is clicked

I want to make changes to current user to save some data from Cell Index 1

How can I do that?

This is bit hard to explain via just text but I am understanding you want to save the value from cell 1 when someone pushes the bottom in Cell 2. So you start the workflow with the element is clicked, (select the button name), select make a change to thing, and then choose current user, in the below field to change box, select the field name in the user table. When selecting what to save to this field choose ‘parent group’ and whatever data you are presenting in the repeating group.

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