How to acess inputbox in a repeating group

how to edit a list of things through input box in a repeating group?

for example lets say I have a list of Answers & questions both displayed in an Repeating group. and I have one save button at the buttom that will save all changes in the answes or questions.

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I am not 100% sure I understand what you want to do so please clarify if I misunderstood you.

Here is a setup that works for me:
I have a repeating group of lists, showing the list titles and want to change all titles through an input and change button.

  1. for the input and change button, I make them not visible on page load (done below changing style of the input/button, and add a condition: only visible if current cells index is 1, meaning only in 1st cell of repeating group they are visible. If your input/button is outside the repeating group, this will also work.
  2. for the button workflow I select the workflow make changes to a list of things, repeating group lists list of lists, title= inputs value.

let me know if this is helpful.
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