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How to add 2 data types in repeating groups

Can someone point me the the right direction! I would like to view a video tutorial about repeating groups when it comes to add fields from different data types into one repeating group. I wonder what’s the best practice to achieve this goal. I’m able to set my data types correctly in the database but I’m struggling retrieving the data into the repeating group.

Can someone share a video tutorial or documentation other than doc.

Thank you for your support,


I think your repeating group can only reference one datatype.

2 options here:

Option 1: put a second repeating group inside the first (in order to reference the 2nd data type

Option 2: redesign your database to have the all the data you want stored in a single datatype

Yes, Robert! I need to change my concept because won’t support my idea.
Back to drawing board… :slight_smile:
Have a nice weekend,

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So there’s no way to link data types with a primary key?

I.e say I have this Data Type 1, and then I want to share another piece of data that is related from another data type? That’s not possible? @emmanuel

What if you only have one text field and don’t need a RG?

If the datatypes are the same (i.e. text), you may be able to use the merge function. Do a search for…:merged with…Do a Search for…