How to add a new stop when Add is pressed?

Hello, I am making a system that tracks stop for a vehicle. My goal is to make a form to create a plan for the day. When you are adding all of the other information you need to add stops for the driver. The stops data will be the name of the stop, address and the time.

Here is the test I have setup at the moment.

Here is the Database setup (User is default)

Please help me figure this out. I have tried the other methods on this forum asking for something similar but I can’t figure out how to connect the data and make the plus button work correctly.

No plugins are installed.

Right now with the way you have the data structured, you can only have a list of addresses as your “Stops”. What you could do is make a new Data type called “Stop” with some fields like Address (type would be Geographic address), Special instructions (type would be text), Scheduled Time (type would be date and time), and Name (type is text).Then under Load create a new field with the type “Stop” (check the box to make it a list). Now you can store a list of Stops all under one Load. And each stop has it’s own set of fields.

Then your repeating group’s type would be Stop and data source would be “Current pages Load’s Stops” (assuming your page is where you’re storing the current Load). And you could sort it by Scheduled date/time.

You would need to add text input boxes for the name , special instructions, and a date/time picker for the schedule date.
For the + sign the workflow would be: Create a thing, type Stop, and the address would be Searchbox’s Value. All the other types as well like the name would be the your Input’s Value for the name. Then step 2 would be “Make changes to a thing, Current page’s Load, and the field Stops add Result of step 1”

Let me know if that makes any sense :laughing:

Thank you so much for the help. I am trying it out now.

Ok, I have got everything working. It wasn’t working bay using the “Current pages Load’s Stops” as the data source. I had to do a search for all stops. Now I am have trouble making more than one load because when ever I start to create a new load all of the previous stops are also coming up. Please tell me if you know a way around this.

Again thank you for all the help. I am still trying my best to learn bubble.

It wasn’t working bay using the “Current pages Load’s Stops” as the data source.

What kind of error did it give? the “Current pages thing” only works if the page type is set to Load, and you came from another page and sent a specific Load to this page if that makes sense. How do you choose what Load you’re looking at in your app? Do you have another page where you create those as well?

I got it working. Thank you

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