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How to add a shopping cart in Bubble

How can i add a shopping cart functionality to my bubble website?

I was going to create a long message about how to do it…then thought, no, there are examples already in the forum.

Have you tried searching for Shopping Cart in the search…

There are numerous threads about different methods and integration options, I also remember there is a book store example built using custom states I believe.

So, try searching first!


@evatindi An important tip : create a Cart with OrderItems (Product x Quantity), then create a Checkout object with a copy of the previous OrderItems, so you are sure not any modification will be made before the payment.

i tried searching in the forum and saw shoprocket, tried it but i couldn’t understand well so i came here.

I wish i could find that book store example! would be great!

when you say “create a cart” what do you mean exactly? is there a plugin for creating a cart or do you mean i should create a database with order items? am so lost

Yes I mean a [Cart] object with it’s [OrderItems], and then a [Checkout] with the copied [OrderItems]

Like anything on Bubble, it takes just a few things to create pretty much anything you want:

  1. Time
  2. Lots of time
  3. Money to support you during this time
  4. Money for additional support, plugins, services, @Bubble sponsorships, api’s, whatever…

Sky is the limit if you have all 4 above.


Explore widget from Airdev and you’ll get the right direction:

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