Adding shopping cart - NEED HELP please

Hello everybody,

I am in the process of creating a 3 step order form for my website.
In this app the user has to follow 3 steps in order to create his full product.
In every step I have a NEXT button to go to the next step AND to “make changes to ORDER”
In the final step the user has to click the “ADD TO BAG” button.

My questions:

  • How do I set up a cart on the following page, so that the created “ORDER” which is saved in the database
    is temporarily registered on the shopping cart page. (the user is at that moment NOT signed or logged in)

  • And then, when the user has reviewed his order, and clicks the “CHECKOUT” button on the cart page… He then goes to the login/signup page.
    How do you then “connect” the already created ORDER stored in the database to the logged in user?

Does somebody know of or has a tutorial on this matter?
Any help would be much appreciated!
Thanks so much in advance !

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step one: create a new data type called (Bag or cart, etc)

Data type: BAG
Fields :

  • Product - Data type of Product
  • Total price
  • Shipping address
  • USER
    (You can add what ever you like here)
    (Ooh and if you can add multiple products make it products list of products)

Step two: on the add to bag button

  • save the product then
  • (Create a new (bag)
  • Attach (Product data tpye to Bag data type first field)

Step three: display data on sign up page (this is the bag data)
pretty much the same thing when user signs up attach the Bag data type to it.

Data type USER

That’s what I would do.

Sorry if it is messy


Thanks for your quick reply.
Can you clarify these steps with screenshots?
I’m new at Bubble and still hard for me to understanding Some things…

Thanks so much in advance!

Hey @ItsJustBusiness

If i’m correct…

  • at the final step, on the “SAVE & ADD TO BAG” button
    I save the built product by (create a new “BAG”) ?
    instead of (create a new “order”) at the start of the order process and (make changes to “order”) at every step?

  • Attach (Product data tpye to Bag data type first field) - HOW DO I DO THIS ?

  • step 3? Where and how do I do this?

Thanks so much for your reply
Is it possible to clarify with screenshots?

PM me a link and ill have a look.

I have send you a PM

Yep iv’e receive it.

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Thank you so much for helping out !!

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