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How to add aditional data to uploaded files

I making some app with online photoprinting. I using plugin MultiUpload. But now i want to add information about sizes, material for print. I tried 2 days. Can someone help me? This is my app

Can you explain a little more about what you are looking to do ?

My customers uploads their images for printing using multifile uploader.
I stored links to this files in database. Next step - is chosing material and sizes for printing for each file. I tried to make another list with this parameters. But how can i link it with files? I placed dropdowns in repeating group with files, but can’t get data from it

can anyone help me?

I think what you need to do is instead of having a list of images and then a list of numbers / texts (it will be difficult to link them all together) is to create a new dataype which has image as well as material / number / size.

Then have a list of that datatype.

Ok, but how can i know number of upladed files? How can i set number of objects by one for every file? How can i attach repeating groups of dropdowns with parameters as well as material/number/size to every file? Please, can you watch my app from link and make some changes to show me how can i solve my issue

Not sure you need to, as the repeating group will do that for you. Although it looks like you have a maximum of 3 ?

Will have a look at the app for you. Although my Russian is certainly not as good as your English :slight_smile:

if you look at testupload2 page you will see how you can group the images and data together in a single thing.

No, i have no maximum. People can upload a hundred of images Yes, it closer what i need, but how can i do it for unknown numbers of images uploaded to app?

Might be able to do it with an API workflow on a list. Will have a look.

Hi! Did you look it?

Yes, the multifile image uploader has always been a bit annoying. Am continuing to look.

If you look now, we have multiple images being uploaded to imagedetails.

Nothing changed. When i upload more than 3 photos, on 2 step i have only 3 images with selecting properties for print. How can i make it for any number of pictures?

testupload2 works for multiple images.