How to add chatbot

Is it possible to add a chat bot to the mobile application created on Bubble?
If yes, please send a link showing how to do this.

Like a live chat bot?

Yes, you can most definitely program a chatbot in Bubble with if then connections between standardized questions and answers in a series. You probably need 4 or 5 hours minimum of video tutorial to do it if you knew what you were doing.

Here’s a tip to get started if you go with guided questionares inside a chat window

You need a question data type, a choices data type, a choice needs to have 2 fields choice text and standardized response text

To create a standardized answer system based on any random message create a variable called question with a list of texts as a field. call those the tags,

Now when someone creates a new message in the chat you need to have a when condition to add the standardized answer a message to the chat. So you could use this user’s message contains “do A search for question advanced filter, current user’s message tag.”

The tag acts as the trigger, you could use an intersect function too and break the user’s message into a list of texts with a Bubble plugin and then check the intersection of this list of texts with the list of tags associated with the standardized question

Finally, now that you see the user’s question corresponds to a standardized question you add that question’s message to the conversation in the chat box (add to list functionin Bubble)

For starters my website has a live chat component built exclusively in Bubble and a standardized beginning message to participants


This video goes through the first step of the process which is building the chat box itself


There should be videos or you can use because that’s what I use for my website.

Hello, there are some plugins that may be useful.
Here are some free plugins:—live-chat-1504082803246x270633920435847170—extended-live-chat-1504096531847x758150745130270700 (i think this is the best one)
Olark Live Chat by bubble (it says allows users to communicate with each other, the above plugins say you can communicate with your website visitors but I think you can configure it to make it user-to-user communication)

Hope this helps

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hello, can you provide me with steps how to use or just pint me in the right direction

hello, is there a part 2? I am creating my own chat system by following the instructions video. I need the second part please.

Thank in advance!

Hi Grace, happy to hear you are creating a chat system from the tutorial :slight_smile:

This week I am building a similar feature for my client. If you would like to join me, I can explain what I am doing while working.

Currently, I am looking for Bubble developers to train for future projects and as soon as I have more free time I will continue this video series and others.I will continue posting regular Bubble tutorials to the YouTube channel this month. As of this week, I need to focus on client projects. If this was a personal project, I would feel comfortable filming myself the building the website’s chat system and publish this to YouTube.

But again, we can coordinate a hangout and you can watch me build this similar chat system for my client. I will get the client’s permission to do this with you for training purposes. I can comment as I go for your learning

My WhatsApp is +12532194010

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Hi @253digital yes of course. I would like to learn more. I have done everything that you said in the first part video. Can’t wait for ore videos like this! I will try to free my time! I will contact you to coordinate!

Thanks in advance!

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