How to add input numbers together?

I’m trying to build a web app that helps users count the cash in a till. Essentially all they need to do it input the quantity of bills/coins for each bill/coin category, and the app will return the dollar value of that quantity of items. For example, next to the $10 category, the user says there are 3 $10 bills, and the app returns the total value of $30. I’m able to do this for each category by adding an input button, setting that value as currency, and then multiplying the inputted number by the coin/cash value of that category by using dynamic data within a text box. However, in order to get a grand total I need to be able to add all of the text boxes with dynamic data (the result for each cash/bill category) together, and I can’t figure out how to do that? The text boxes using dynamic data allow me to add input boxes together, but not other dynamic data text boxes.

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