How to do a serach for item that has a field with option sets filtering for a specific option?

Hi everyone.

I am trying to search a item that has a field with two option sets (Cart and Completed).

Therefore, when I try to select an option from the search it does not allow me to complete the search. Basically I want to add all the items to a list field that contains an specific option set.

Here is the option set:

The data type with a field called order_cart_process set to Cart option:

And here is the way I am trying to filter the:

What would be the best approach to get all the items that have the option sets set to Cart only?

Just search for order_products, with the option set as a constraint.

Yesss, I did it and it accepted.

But the field still asking to evaluate the item is being searched.

Then you did it wrong…

This is how I did:


You’re using the wrong list operator…

Add can only be used for adding a single item to a list.

To add more than one item to a list you need to use Add List

Yes, that was the issue. Appreciated.

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