How to run multiple IF conditions on the page

Hi Folks,

When a page is loaded I want it to show pop-up A when condition X is met or pop-up B when condition Y is true.

Now I have two separate events defined for that page in the workflow. I am passing the required parameters for each event from another page to check on the page load, yet none of them are working.

Any clue? :frowning:

What does the debugger show?

This should be a fairly easy trigger. Can you show your workflow?

I’m afraid I don’t see any errors

I have attached the preview of both on-load events

I noticed that one fo the parameters has the wrong value in the URL.

It should be “Signup Type = Email” or “Signup Type = Social”. These are the values that I’m passing over to the page (screens above), so I’m not sure why it takes a boolean. The field types in db are set to text.

I’m not sure I understand….

What do URL parameters have to do with anything here? (Your conditions don’t mention any)

Parameters are checked on the page load to trigger an event or action, and they’re shown in the URL tag as being passed over to that page. Do you know any other way of doing that?

Not in your screenshot they’re not…

Yes, you can do just that by adding a condition on the pageload workflow event to check the URL parameters (so the event will only trigger if those conditions are true).

Although why do you need to use URL parameters at all for this, when you’re talking about the current User?

I think I see the problem. You need to set the condition on the trigger itself, and not within the workflow actions.

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Thanks, solved!

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