How to add reusable input fields with button?

I’m trying to create an input page where users can schedule when they receive reminders for taking medication. I’m trying to use reusable input fields that the user can add by clicking on the button ‘Add more times’ if they need to take medication several times a day (up to 4 fields). In addition, they can delete by clicking “X” next to the time or add more fields by clicking on ‘Add more times’. I tried adding the reusable elements in a repeating group, but since the data would be empty until the user inputted the information, the elements are not showing up. I then tried add the reusable elements to the page and creating custom states, but if I “X” out, I’m not sure how to enable an empty field to appear again. Please advise. Thank you!

Screenshot 2024-01-03 213807

Hello @jenanwong Welocme to the community

Too much going on.

I would urge you to simplify things.

Use an rg that displays the first item of the thing it is displaying, It likely is an automatically created entry for every user so that this very first thing shows up when they reach the form. Then on clicking add more items a new row should show up with no problems.

I am sure that the above is nothing new to you.

As for doing the above using a reusable it should be as straightforward as seen above if you approach the arquitecture of what you are aiming to do without putting a reusable inside an rg. Yeap it should also be doable as well … but if you are facing trouble making it work the easier path may be to simplify things.