How to allow click with middle mouse button (to open link in a new tab)?


I’m building a repeating group to show items from my database, and it would be very helpful if the user could click in the item with the Middle Mouse Button to open several items in new tabs, but none of the elements in Bubble allow this, excet for the “Link Element”. I would use it, but I don’t want my user to be forced to open the item in the new tab, only if he chooses to do so.

My question: is there any way to allow links in ordinary elements (groups and buttons, mainly) to open in new tabs with the middle mouse button?


If you do not want to use the “Link Element” because of the design.
You can use the “button” and then click “Replace” and select “Link Element” and the design will change


Thank you very much.
However, I don’t want the user to NECESSARILY open the link in new tab, only if he wishes so. If he wants to open in the same tab, he would just have to click on the link. If he wants to open several links on new tabs, he could click with the middle mouse button, just as everything else on the internet.

I have tried with the “link element”, but it forces to open the page in a new tab.

In this case a click opens in the same tab, the middle of the mouse opens in another tab


Solved it.

The problem was: the link wasn’t on top of other elements.
I set it up as a container surrounding the whole area, unchecked the “Open in a new tab”, and brought it “to front” of everything.

It worked.

Thank you very much!

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